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Mounjaro, Ozempic, Wegovy Oh my!

According to a recent study, approximately 90% of women are unhappy with their bodies or how they look in the mirror.  While there are many potential reasons for this, from societal pressures to difficulty maintaining…

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What Is Dermal Filler Treatment, and How to Achieve a Natural Look?

In 2020, 3.4 million people got dermal fillers in the United States. This is second only to the number of…


Laser Hair Removal: Is It Really Worth It?

Removing unwanted hair is an annoying process most of us dread. Painful waxing appointments, ingrown hairs, and razor cuts are…


Are Chemical Peels Safe?

Cosmetic industry sales will hit 430 billion worldwide this year!  Needless to say, looking good is at the top of…


Everything to Know About Chemical Peeling

We’re doing a “who’s got glow” poll right now and you’re winning. With all of the different products and services promising…


5 Things to Consider Before Getting Facial Injections

As you scroll through social media, you’re likely to see picture-perfect faces—sculpted cheekbones, plump lips, and seemingly airbrushed skin. It’s…


Emsculpt Neo: Use, Benefits, and More

Did you know that 55% of Americans want to lose weight? Whether we’re carrying a few extra pandemic pounds or…


How an Emsella Chair Can Treat Urinary Incontinence

Did you know that 1 out of 4 women in the United States suffers from urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence can…


Breaking Down Coolsculpting vs. Emsculpt NEO

Breaking Down Coolsculpting vs. Emsculpt NEO Thanks to new technologies in the field of Aesthetics, it is now possible to…


The Most Undervalued Position at Your Medical Spa!

Don’t make this common mistake when looking for quality employee’s!


Anti-Aging Treatment: Tribella

Interested in turning back the clock?? Tribella is the combination of three powerful non-surgical treatments into one total beautifying session resulting in healthier, younger-looking, truly age-defying skin. That means smooth, glowy skin in less time, and visible results from day one!


Consultations at Chin Up! Aesthetics

Curious about what to expect when coming to Chin Up! Aesthetics? Watch our short video as we explain our consultation…


Dysport Happy Hour

It’s Happy Hour at Chin Up! Chin Up! Aesthetics is hosting a special event – Dysport Happy Hour! What better…