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Removing unwanted hair is an annoying process most of us dread. Painful waxing appointments, ingrown hairs, and razor cuts are not for the faint of heart. If you’re someone who removes their body hair, you might be on the hunt for a better solution.

Laser hair removal is quickly becoming one of the most popular options, but is it worth it? Explore the process of laser hair removal to decide for yourself!

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Before deciding if laser hair removal is worth it, you should understand the process. For example, some can’t handle even the most minimal pain, so it might not be worth it for those individuals. Let’s dive into the process to help you understand if laser hair removal would be beneficial for you.

How Long Does It Take?

Laser hair removal requires more time commitment than shaving or waxing. The process can take up to a few months from start to finish. Most patients require around six sessions, spaced out a few weeks apart.

The hair needs to be in the correct growth stage for the treatment to be effective. The time between treatments will depend on your hair type and how stubborn it is. Body hair usually requires 6 to 8-week intervals, while facial hair sessions are done once a month.

How Long Does It Last?

After you finish your recommended number of sessions, you should have silky smooth skin! But it’s important to understand that laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee permanent results. The process does slow hair growth, but it’s not a permanent solution for everyone.

The good news is that most patients report that the hair that reappears is finer, lighter, and sparser. It also doesn’t grow back as fast as with shaving or waxing. One study followed up with patients four years after their final session.

The findings revealed that 74% of the patients showed 75% to 100% less hair in the treated areas. The patients also reported slower hair growth (52%) and changes in hair texture (42%). They received laser hair removal treatment on various areas, including the face, legs, and bikini.

Is It Painful?

Pain is a very subjective feeling, so it’s hard to say if the treatment will be painful for you specifically. Before going into this process, consider your own pain tolerance. Are you able to withstand bikini waxes and plucking your eyebrows?

Then you’ll likely survive laser hair removal! In 2019, a whopping 1,055,456 people received the treatment so it’s unlikely to cause you any extreme pain. Patients usually report a stinging sensation, like a rubber band snapped on the skin.

Most modern machines also feature cooling technology to reduce discomfort. The pain level also depends on the area you choose to treat. Large sites like legs might feel slightly more painful because it takes longer.

How Do I Handle Aftercare?

Some people choose to avoid cosmetic treatments because of time-consuming or painful aftercare. That’s an understandable decision, but laser hair removal aftercare is very simple! Immediately upon finishing a session, you might feel a sunburn sensation in the area.

It usually goes away after a few hours. After the session, you should avoid the following:

  • Sweating
  • Exercising
  • Swimming
  • Exfoliating
  • Bathing
  • Sunlight exposure

After 48 hours, you’re free to resume these activities again! You’ll also need to shave in-between sessions as tiny hairs might spring up. But the further into the process you get, the less you’ll have to shave.

Making Laser Hair Removal Worth It

Laser hair removal can be worth it if you approach it with an open mind. Expecting to be 100% hair-free forever might result in disappointment. But the process can be worth it if you want to significantly reduce unwanted hair!

Find a Quality Medical Provider

The right medical provider is critical for a good laser hair removal experience. Although most people are good candidates for laser, you might not be. A qualified provider will be honest and will set realistic expectations.

Negative reviews about laser hair removal often come from people who didn’t use a qualified, honest provider. Patients with darker hair and lighter skin are the ideal candidate and may have the best results. If your features don’t check those boxes, you may have to do more sessions, and your results may vary.

Your consultation with a medical provider is an excellent time to ask questions. Get a second opinion if they immediately promise you a lifetime of perfect, smooth skin. Likewise, if you have fair hair or darker skin, ensure your medical provider is honest about the results.

Read Patient Reviews

Laser hair removal reviews can be confusing to read. Everyone has different experiences and outcomes because of skin tone and hair texture variations. But that doesn’t mean you should skip the reviews!

Websites like Real Self feature reviews, before and after photos, and ratings. They’re rich with information and people’s actual experiences so take the time to read through. Their current reviewers give laser hair removal a 92% rating!

Another good way to gather reviews and personal stories is by asking friends and family. They may be more candid in their ratings and give you honest advice. You might even find a few qualified aesthetic centers to check out!

Finally, ask your medical provider for before and after photos of past clients. They’ll likely have patient testimonials to share as well. It might be the deciding factor when choosing a location for your treatment.

Follow Up With Sessions

To make laser hair removal truly worth it, you’ll need to attend each scheduled session. After a few sessions, you’ll start seeing the results! Once the process is complete, you might have to schedule a few follow-up sessions.

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

The overwhelming answer is yes, depending on your expectations! Laser hair removal can be a blessing when it comes to personal hygiene and aesthetics. Imagine no more waxing, light shaving, and saying goodbye to razor burn!

Book a free laser hair removal consultation at Chin Up Aesthetics today! With our professional guidance and expert care, you’ll be on your way to low-maintenance living in no time.

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