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Do you dream about having a toned stomach, maybe even a six-pack? The average person would need to lose about half their body fat to get them to show. For the average woman, you could achieve that in the gym in about 2 years, or about 18 months for the average man.

If you simply don’t have time for that, you need to learn about Emsculpt NEO. It’s the latest innovation for fat loss and muscle building, but it also accomplishes a lot more besides. In a thirty-minute session, you can achieve results that would take months in the gym.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Emsculpt NEO and why you need to schedule your first session today!

What Is Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is the latest breakthrough in body sculpting. It combines fat loss with muscle building in one painless treatment.

A medical aesthetician will attach a paddle to the target area. It sends out radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energy. The paddle gently warms both the fat and the muscle and then the real work begins.

The muscles begin to contract. This replicates the exercises you would do at the gym, but at a much higher intensity. For example, one session of abdominal Emsculpt NEO is equivalent to 24,000 sit-ups!

At the same time, the fat cells start to break down. This doesn’t just empty the fat cells – it actually destroys them. The body then uses the lymphatic system to flush out the dead fat cells.

The result? Seven clinical studies have proved that this treatment reduces fat by 30% and increases muscle mass by 25% on average. But these aren’t the only benefits of Emsculpt Neo.

The Benefits of Emsculpt NEO

The primary benefits of Emsculpt NEO are fat reduction and muscle toning.

The amazing advantage of using Emsculpt NEO to lose fat is that those fat cells are destroyed forever. The fat cells go through a process called apoptosis – a kind of cell death. The fat cells are damaged beyond repair, so the body slowly clears them out.

If you continue to eat healthily and work out, these cells will not come back! That means that you can see permanent results.

Emsculpt NEO also allows you to build muscle in a way that you can’t at the gym. The HIFEM+ energy causes the muscle fibers to contract at incredibly high intensities. This is safe but produces amazing levels of growth in the muscle fibers and cells. 

FDA Approved Treatment

Whatever form of aesthetic treatment you choose, you want assurance that it is safe. FDA clearance shows that it has been reviewed by the FDA and is safe to go to market. Emsculpt NEO is the first FDA-cleared procedure to eliminate fat cells non-invasively.

Targeted Fat Loss

Diet and exercise will result in fat loss. But we can’t tell our bodies where to lose fat from – until now. For many people, the stomach, inner thighs, and buttocks are stubborn areas. But Emsculpt NEO targets fat cells in a particular area, allowing you to control precisely the area you want to hone.

Metabolism Boost

By increasing your muscle mass, you’ll also give your metabolism a boost. Your resting metabolism will be higher, meaning that you burn more calories at rest. 

No Surgery

Unlike liposuction, there is no surgery involved in Emsculpt NEO. That means there’s no painful healing process, no downtime, and no risk of surgical complications. 

It is approved for patients with a BMI of up to 35 and suits most body types. It’s suitable for men and women. 

Pain-Free Treatment

After the session gets underway, you’ll experience some warmth in the treatment area. You’ll be able to feel the muscles contracting. But neither of these will cause pain.

Once the medical aesthetician removes the pad, the area may be red and sweaty, but this will quickly pass. You can return to work, drive, and complete all your daily activities right away after an Emsculpt NEO session.

A Stronger Core Could Reduce Back Pain

By strengthening your abdominal muscle, you’re contributing to the strength of your core.

A strong core can give you greater stability and balance. This may translate into a reduction in lower back pain. Stronger abdominal muscles can lead to better spinal alignment.

Also, if your abs are weak, the other structures that support your spine have to work harder. Keeping your core strong can help you to have better posture. You’ll be less likely to strain or injure your back muscles. 

Strengthen Your Stomach After Pregnancy

Pregnancy can have an effect on the strength and appearance of your abs. Some women (and some men, for different reasons) can develop a condition called diastasis recti. This means a separation between the left and right sections of the abdominal muscles. 

This can lead to complications, including lower back pain, urinary incontinence, and constipation.

Emsculpt NEO is the only treatment that can help mums post-baby moms reduce the gap created by diastasis recti. As well as reducing the gap, it also strengthens the muscles and increases their thickness. This can give your confidence a huge boost and allow you to resume your regular exercise program. 

Boost Self-Confidence

Emsculpt NEO allows you to build a tailored program. There’s no need to put up with areas that get you down any longer. You can sculpt your own body to exactly the specifications you want. 

You can finally achieve the figure or physique you’ve always dreamed of – honed in just the right places.

It’s Time for Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo is the perfect solution for anyone looking to burn fat and build muscle. 

Whether you’re at the start of your weight loss journey or are looking to target stubborn areas, Emsculpt NEO is the ideal treatment. It’s pain-free, there’s no downtime, and you can fit it around all your other commitments. Plus, it boosts your overall wellness and self-esteem.

At Chin Up! Aesthetics we’re ready to help you achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. In our free consultation, we’ll talk you through our product offerings, so you can find the ideal treatment for you.

Call us directly at +1 678-846-2420 or complete our online form to schedule a free consultation today!

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