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Breaking Down Coolsculpting vs. Emsculpt NEO

Thanks to new technologies in the field of Aesthetics, it is now possible to reduce stubborn fat pockets and improve body contours without surgery, scars or downtime! Nonsurgical fat reduction is a minimally invasive treatment that selectively breaks down fat cells to reduce the size of the fat deposits beneath the skin. Several FDA cleared treatments are available to help provide you with a modest fat loss without surgery or downtime. We want to help breakdown the difference between the two most popular treatments, Coolsculpting and the Emsculpt NEO, and how we here at Chin Up! Aesthetics, are providing you with the latest and greatest technology to not only help with fat loss but to also tone and build muscle!


What is Emsculpt Neo and why should you consider it?

Emsculpt NEO is the first and only non-invasive body shaping device that combines fat elimination and muscle building into a single 30-minute session! This treatment works by utilizing an applicator which simultaneously emits synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energy. The radiofrequency (RF) allows the muscle to heat which prepares it for stress, similar to a warmup activity before a workout. In less than 4 minutes, we can reach a temperature which allows for fat cells to be damaged and removed from the body. Clinical studies show a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat. In addition to this, the HIFEM energy is able to bypass the brains limitations and contract muscle fibers in focused areas at intensities that are not achievable during normal voluntary workout. This extreme stress forces the muscle to increase in number and size. The clinical studies have shown an average of 25% growth in muscle volume. 


In addition to increasing muscle and eliminating stubborn fat, this treatment will tighten your skin, sculpt your body, boost your metabolism, improve your mood, tone your body and improve your posture! This treatment can be done on multiple areas of the body including your abdomen, buttock, biceps, triceps, thighs (inner, outer, back or front), and calves!


What about the alternative?

Coolsculpting can leave you with slight
discomfort, swelling, numbness, redness and tingling over the area of
treatment. In addition, if an individual gains weight after Coolsculpting, the
fat cells in other parts of the body can and will grow larger. 

Choose us as your go to Medspa!

We here at Chin Up! Aesthetics approach body contouring in a unique way. Our aim is the sculpt the entire body and also give you the other benefits of toning your muscle, improving your mood and increasing your metabolism, which will provide you with more long term results.  In addition to this, there is NO downtime and the treatment is completely painless! This treatment leaves you with natural, long lasting fat reduction. Each treatment produces over 20,000 contractions which also press the body to strengthen existing muscle fibers and create new muscle cells!


Schedule A Free Consultation today and see if you are a candidate for this non-invasive body shaping procedure!


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