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Can I Get Dermal Filler and Botox Together?

Can I Get Dermal Filler and Botox Together? woman getting cosmetic injection

Did you know a combined 7.7 million people get Botox and dermal filler treatments each year? For many people, these procedures are the secrets to combating many of the symptoms that come with aging. That being said, getting them separately can sometimes be a pain. So, can you get dermal fillers and Botox together? Or is this […]

Can Botox Really Fix My Sweating Problem?

Can Botox Really Fix My Sweating Problem? woman receiving botox injection in armpit as treatment of hyperhidrosis in beauty salon

Did you know that botox temporarily blocks chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands? Results can last for seven to eight months!  If you’re considering underarm botox, you might be curious if it really works. You’ve been suffering from excessive sweat and want to be free of it.  You can finally wear the shirts you’ve […]

5 Dermal Filler Treatments

5 Dermal Filler Treatments beautiful young woman receiving filler injection in lips, closeup

During your 20s and 30s, collagen is at maximum production. By approximately mid-30s, collagen production begins decreasing by about 25% over the next 40 years. The loss of collagen numbers and production is one of the key reasons why you start to notice aging signs. Filler injections are one way you can reverse time and bring back […]

What Is the Difference Between Restylane and Juvederm Brand of Fillers?

What Is the Difference Between Restylane and Juvederm Brand of Fillers? beauty treatment, botox injection

Every year, more than 2 million people receive injectable fillers in the United States alone. Fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of all time, and there are many good reasons why this is the case. After all, fillers can transform your face so that you can become the most confident and attractive version of […]

Microneedling is the Best Option for Acne scars

Microneedling is the Best Option for Acne scars portrait of asian woman has problems with skin on her face. problems with acne and scar on the female skin.

What is worse than an acne flare-up? The aftermath. When you suffer from constant breakouts, your skin can carry the results for years. Microneedling gives your face the fresh start it deserves. This beauty treatment targets discoloration and indentions, restoring the texture of your skin. At Chin Up! Aesthetics, we offer SkinPen and Radio Frequency […]

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Linda S.

Linda S. Front view of young businesswoman standing in an office, looking at camera.

Postpartum is no joke!   I can’t believe I am no longer leaking with exercise and my Emsculpt results are so great after just three treatments! I feel so much stronger and I’m so grateful for the team at Chin Up. 

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Get Started! Build Muscle. Burn Fat. No Sweat. Stay ready for summer with Emsculpt Neo Emsculpt is changing the body shaping world with exceptional muscle toning, building, and strengthening and fat reduction. Learn how this treatment works. Get 40% off now! From Soccer Moms to Gym Addicts We all have problem areas that drown our […]

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Medical Spa in Kennesaw & Decatur Chin Up! Privacy Matters Highlight your natural beauty with dermal enhancements, meant to mimic the bone structure, avoiding making you look “worked on.” Get a Free Consultation View More Services Welcome to our policies page. Here we provide a detail explanation of the polices that we abide by to […]

Jessica Walker

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I started going here to get myself ready for my wedding and They were very supportive and directed me where I needed to be to look my best I have really enjoyed everyone here and will continue to see them I am impressed and love my new look!