Laser Hair Removal in Kennesaw & Decatur Ditch that razor and get laser hair removal!

Zap away unwanted hair from all over your body!



Laser Hair Removal in Kennesaw & Decatur Do you struggle with any of these?

  • Hairy underarms
  • Shaving every day and cutting yourself
  • Hairy bikini line
  • Razor burns
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Stubble on your legs

Schedule your free consultation with us and get rid of that unwanted hair!

Laser Hair Removal Procedure Details

  • What it treats

    Laser hair removal can be done to any part of your body that has stubborn hairs! This can include something small as the hair by your ears or even as large as the hair on your legs, Arms, Back, or Stomach! 

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  • Results

    Patients are seeing a 20% decrease in hair growth after the very first session! A package includes a total of 6 sessions! 

  • Procedure Time

    It's a painless 10 minutes for small area's and upto 45 minutes for larger area's 

  • How's it work?

    The GentleMax Pro Plus utilizes laser technology to target hair shafts and follicles. It works by directing laser energy to the hair, which is absorbed by melanin, generating heat that disrupts hair follicle function. The device is safe for all skin types due to its adjustable wavelengths, cooling technology, and professional customization, ensuring effective and secure treatment.

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  • Recovery Time & Side Effects

    There is no downtime with this procedure! You may have some slight redness in the area on the day of the treatment which can be treated with a topical antihistamine but otherwise, you can resume your normal activities the same day!

Over 200 5 Star Reviews Our Clients Love us. We think you will too!

  • went there for my 1st time doing laser hair removal and the customer service was amazing!

    They sent me multiple reminders and it was easy and fast to book and check in. They offer so many helpful services. Great location and facility. I recommend going somewhere you can feel comfortable. Everyone is super friendly and accommodating at ChinUps! Tyler was my Aesthetician for my service.

    Lexi Broadwater
    Google Review
  • I took my Mom here for laser hair removal and it was a great experience!

    Customer Service was exceptionally outstanding. High spirits and a friendly and welcoming experience overall. I will be back but for myself next time around 😊😊😊.

    Sophelia Young-Rease
    Google Review
  • The girls at Chin Up are amazing!

    They are all so friendly and welcoming and truly make you feel at home when visiting. I got my lip’s done by Madeline and I am obsessed! I also get laser hair removal by Tyler and she’s super informative and sweet! Love these ladies and will definitely be back for more!

    Celina Lopez
    Google Review

    Small Area

    Treat your nose, ear, upper lip, lower lip, eyebrows, nipple hair, and hand and toe hair!

    • Time

      5-10 minutes

    • Typical Sessions

      Recommend 4 to 6 sessions. Varies by patient

    Medium Area

    Treat your underarm, bikini, chin/face!

    • Time

      15-20 minutes

    • Typical Sessions

      Recommend 4 to 6 sessions. Varies by patient

    Large Area/Extra Large

    Treat your full Brazilian, buttock, upper/lower legs, upper/lower arms, abdomen, chest, back, shoulders, and even your beard!

    • Time

      30-45 minutes

    • Typical Sessions

      Recommend 4 to 6 sessions. Varies by patient

    Women's Package

    We got you covered ladies! Treat your full Brazilian and underarms with our customized women’s package!

    • Time

      30-45 minutes

    • Typical Sessions

      Recommend 4 to 6 sessions. Varies by patient

    Men’s Package

    Men, we did not forget about you! Treat your back, shoulder, chest, stomach and even unibrow. We can create a customized package for you based on your areas of concern!

    • Time

      30-45 minutes

    • Typical Sessions

      Recommend 4 to 6 sessions. Varies by patient

    Laser Hair Removal in Kenesaw and Decatur I'm ready! Tell me how to get started!

    Let us bring our knowledge of the lasers to address your concerns!

    01 Start with a free Consultation

    Every treatment starts here and helps us understand what your concerns are and how we can best address them!

    02 Build a customized treatment plan

    We work together to create a unique and customized treatment plan that addresses all of your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

    03 Time for your Treatment!

    Important that you come shaved prior to your appointment so our laser can make contact directly with the hair follicles to ensure hair does not grow back!

    04 Post procedure and recovery

    After the treatment, your skin may appear dry and feel a little itchy but we will apply a topical ointment to help with this!

    05 Start Looking and Feeling Your best!

    Treatment times may vary based on the different areas you are looking to get treated. You will start to see results along the way and 6-8 sessions may be recommended for you!

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    Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

    Which Laser Hair Removal Device do we use?

    The Candela GentleMax Pro Plus is clearly the best option for getting the best laser hair removal results. Its outstanding combination of cutting-edge technology, adaptability, and a well-documented history of safety and efficiency appeals to people with all types of skin. This tool gives us the ability to safely and effectively handle each patient's needs using both YAG and Alexandrite lasers.

    Is laser hair removal safe?

    Laser hair removal is safe in the hands of an appropriate provider! Our skilled staff has a great knowledge in lasers and knowledge of the skin as well as skin types. This is essential to avoiding burns or scars. Our laser practitioners also adjust your settings based on how you report your hair growth to be in order to ensure that we are safely treating your areas of concern.

    Does laser hair removal really work?

    Yes! This treatment targets hair in its initial growing phase and the multiple sessions help ensure we are targeting all of your hair follicles. It is the safest way to reduce unwanted hair!

    How permanent is laser hair removal?

    Most of our patients report 90% hair reduction in the treated areas! This is after 6-8 sessions. Sometimes, hormones can play a role and may cause stubborn hairs to persist but we will discuss this with you in our consultation and ensure that we are setting the appropriate expectations for you!

    Why laser hair removal over waxing?

    Laser hair removal treatments will provide you with more permanent results compared to waxing, or shaving! Those treatments can leave you with ingrown hairs, cuts, ripped skin. Laser hair removal feels like a rubber-band snap and can be very comfortable for our patients. Once you’ve completed your laser hair removal sessions, you’re done forever and can say goodbye to those razors and save so much money on waxing!

    How should I prepare for my treatments?

    We just ask that you keep the treatment area shaved. We ask that you shave the day before the day of your treatment – this helps ensure that the hair shaft is present for the laser to pick up on and remove!

    We also ask that you come without any tanning on your skin as well as cleanliness in the treatment area, including no lotions or makeup.