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Curious about what to expect when coming to Chin Up! Aesthetics?

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Watch our short video as we explain our consultation process here at Chin Up! Aesthetics.


Below is a short description of our process:

  1. Twenty Four hours before your scheduled appointment you will get a reminder text to confirm you will be able to make your scheduled time.
  2. Next, you will receive another reminder text. This text has been implemented to help provide a safe environment for our patients and staff against the Corona Virus we are currently experiencing.
  3. Once you enter the office our front desk staff will greet you and our aesthetic coordinator will take you back to an open room.
  4. Our aesthetic coordinator will gather some information about your visit and discuss the reason for your visit.
  5. The Aesthetic coordinator will then send in the nurse practitioner or aesthetician to further discuss your goals and recommend a treatment plan that best meets your expectations.
  6. During your visit, our hope is that you leave more educated than you came in. We will proceed with treatment the same day if you are comfortable with the treatment plan presented by our provider. If you decide to proceed with the treatment the medical provider will take your photos and present you with the consent forms related to your specific treatment.
  7. Once a treatment plan has been decided the aesthetic coordinator will then come back to collect payment and the medical provider will begin to prepare for the treatment.
  8. The medical provider will then come back and perform the treatment. Upon completion, we will provide post-treatment instructions and schedule a follow-up appointment.

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