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Did you know that 43.7% of women in their 60s in a survey said they’ve considered plastic surgery? About 45.5% of teenagers have too. 

While you might have thought about it, plastic surgery can have major risks and concerns. These risks might concern you and make you not want to have the procedure.

But what if there’s a temporary and minimally invasive procedure instead of plastic surgery? Say hello to Juvederm for lips and the face!

Before you receive treatment, it’s a good idea to understand what to expect and prepare. Read this guide on what to avoid after fillers to keep long-lasting results today! 

Which Filler Is Right for Me?

Juvederm and Restylane products can treat smile and lip lines, cheeks, lips, marionette lines, and chins. Dermal filler results are immediate and will take about 10-14 days to settle.

Treatment lasts about 12-24 months, depending on the treatment location. The procedure is only 30-45 minutes. Dermal fillers can help lift the skin by restoring volume loss due to aging. 

Common treatment sites include: 

  • Worry lines
  • Frown lines
  • Lip lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds


Speak with your provider about all medications and medical conditions. Stop taking NSAIDs before the procedure. 

Also, avoid Advil, Motrin, and aspirin. You’ll want to also avoid Midol and cold medication. 

Certain medications could have multiple effects, including blocking platelets. When platelets are blocked from sealing capillaries, you might experience bruising. 

Other foods that could halt platelets include: 

  • Nuts
  • Salmon
  • Alcohol
  • Mackerel
  • Chia seeds 

Stop taking certain supplements such as green tea, St. John’s Wort, fish oil, and vitamin E. They thin the blood similarly to prescription medications. 

The First Hour

After Juvederm for lips, place an ice pack to help soothe them. There are supplements that you can consider taking afterward to help minimize bruising. 

Take acetaminophen as necessary to reduce pain. Avoid picking, massaging, or itching around the injection site.

Symptoms should disappear within a few days after your Restylane filler. If they don’t, reach out to the office. 

How To Reduce Swelling After Dermal Fillers in Lips

Avoid intense heat on your Restylane fillers. This includes hot wax, hot tubs, saunas, tanning, and sunbathing. 

If you see a visible bump, you can massage the area. You might feel firmness, but this will soften in a week or two. 

Use a gentle cleanser. Apply makeup and sunscreen as usual. Take antihistamines to help reduce swelling. 

Botox and Fillers

Both dermal fillers and Botox are excreted through the kidneys and liver. After treatment, avoid exercise and alcohol.

Wait to exercise until 48-72 hours afterward. While Botox is injected into the muscle, where it’s absorbed over time, dermal fillers are injected deep into the skin. 

Avoid Massages

Avoid microdermabrasion, massages, and facials after dermal fillers. While it’s rare, they can potentially migrate within the skin. 

Avoid applying pressure to the area for the first couple of weeks. The next day, avoid rubbing the injection site.

Rubbing could increase swelling or bruising and irritate the skin. Only perform massages if your provider tells you to. 

Don’t Wear Goggles

Don’t wear eyewear or goggles after filler injections. The pressure could cause the filler to migrate. Avoid wearing glasses for the first week if you receive filler injections in the nose. 

Swimming is also an intense workout you’ll want to avoid. The pool could also increase the risk of infection. 

Combining Fillers and Botox

Some choose to combine both treatment options. Your provider might inject Botox to relax your muscles before injecting a filler. Both substances treat wrinkles and offer other benefits. 

Avoid Washing Your Face

Don’t wash your face right after treatment. Use facial wipes to clean the face gently. Avoid tap water unless you know it’s safe. 

Don’t use blood thinning items, either. You’ll also want to avoid them before your injection of Juvederm. 

Avoid too much ginkgo biloba, ginger, garlic, kava, fish oil, and ginseng in your diet. It’s best to avoid them for at least a week. They could increase bruising. 

Don’t Judge Your Results Too Soon

Swelling after injection of Restylane is common. Wait a few days before you judge the results.

The best results will take a couple of weeks when the fillers have settled. If you have any questions, reach out to your provider. 

Don’t Smoke

It’s advised not to drink or smoke for 48 hours. Smoking and drinking can increase your chance of bruising. Alcohol could dehydrate the fillers, which could decrease their positive effects. 

Wait for Dental Appointments

Fillers work similarly to implants inside the body. They’re susceptible to localized infections. 

Dental procedures can cause bacteria to migrate into the bloodstream. Bacteria could lead to infections. Wait at least two weeks before heading to the dentist. 

Wait for Other Events

Plan to have your fillers at least two weeks before major events. This gives it time to heal, so it looks best. Instead, drink plenty of water and use skin-friendly makeup.

What To Do if You’re Unhappy With Results?

The good news is that fillers are temporary! If you change your mind and don’t want fillers, your provider can remove them. 

Exploring What To Avoid After Juvederm for Lips

After exploring this guide, you should better understand what to avoid after Juvederm for lips and the face. Take time researching what filler will be best for you, and speak to your provider about what to expect.

Are you dreaming of minimizing crow’s feet, lip lines, or getting those full and luscious lips you’ve always dreamed about? Contact us for a free consultation today! From nasolabial folds to midface fillers, we’re your one-stop aesthetic location for your needs. 

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