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Did you know a combined 7.7 million people get Botox and dermal filler treatments each year? For many people, these procedures are the secrets to combating many of the symptoms that come with aging.

That being said, getting them separately can sometimes be a pain. So, can you get dermal fillers and Botox together? Or is this process not safe? If you want to learn the answer to these questions, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about taking these two minimally invasive cosmetic procedures together.

What Do Dermal Fillers Do?

When we get older, our bodies begin to get rid of the fat that’s stored in our faces. While this might sound like a good thing, it can actually have a deflationary effect on many people.

As such, some people use derma fillers to help restore some of the fullness to their faces that were present when they were younger. Dermal fillers target areas like the corner of your mouth or cheeks.

This can fill in depressions found in these areas. Some people also use dermal fillers for lips. These procedures, known as lip fillers, increase the volume of your lip by using hyaluronic acid.

This can have a plumping effect that many people enjoy. There are many different brands of dermal fillers. However, two of the most popular ones are Juvederm and Restylane.

Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on which part of your face you’re trying to target. However, keep in mind that the Restylane filler cost tends to be a little less expensive than Juvederm.

What Does Botox Do?

Botox (also known as botulinum toxin A, is a type of minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that stops muscles from flexing. It does this by targeting the which then weakens the muscles.

This flexing is what causes wrinkles around our mouths, nose, and eyes. When people take Botox, there’s a noticeable smoothing effect that occurs.

Though Botox was originally used as a treatment for certain types of muscle conditions, it’s now mainly used on the face for cosmetic procedures. The neuroprotein has been approved by the FDA for twenty years now.

Botox can help with things like:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Laugh lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Creases across the brows

In addition to this, neuroprotein also has other uses. Botox in armpits, or underarm Botox, is often used to prevent sweating in people who sweat excessively.

It’s also important to note that Botox isn’t you’re the only option. You can also try Dysport.

This is a neuromodulator that works in ways quite similar to Botox. Make sure to check out our guide to learn more about Botox and Dysport.

How Long Do Dermal Fillers and Botox Last?

Sadly, both dermal fillers and Botox aren’t permanent solutions to the problem of wrinkles. Both only have temporary effects. So, how long do they last?

Dermal fillers will depend on the brand you’re using and where you’re injecting them. However, for the most part, they last between nine to twelve months. Botox lasts for an even shorter amount of time.

Most people will need another injection of Botox after four to six months. In this way, it’s a lot like a haircut for people that get it done regularly.

Can You Get Dermal Filler and Botox Together?

Many people want to try to knock out two birds with one stone by getting dermal filler and Botox simultaneously. But is this allowed? The answer is yes!

This is due to the fact that Botox and dermal fillers use different formulas. Botox uses an FDA-approved neuroprotein to stop nerve signals from communicating.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, use hyaluronic acid (or HA) to increase volumes in areas with noticeable depressions and wrinkles. However, whether or not you really need dermal fillers and Botox at the same time will depend on your specific needs.

So, make sure to consult with your provider to get a professional opinion before proceeding.

How to Find a Good Dermal Filler and Botox Provider

Unfortunately, finding a good cosmetic procedure provider can be easier said than done. The first step to finding a qualified one is to do a quick internet search. Try using search terms like:

  • Botox near me
  • Dysport near me
  • Restylane injections near me
  • Restylane filler near me
  • Best botox near me

These should leave you with some pretty good relevant results for your needs. Next, do a quick scan of their reviews online. This will give you a good idea of the average customer experience with the business.

You should expect one or two negative reviews. But, if you’re seeing an overwhelming amount of them, that’s a sign that you should look elsewhere. Lastly, schedule a consultation with the cosmetic procedure provider.

You can think of consultation as the dating phase before marriage. You’re getting to know the provider to see if they’re the right option for you. So, make sure to ask lots of questions.

Tell them about your beauty goals and see how they respond. Be careful around cosmetic providers that are always pushing additional procedures on you.

These people care less about how you look and more about making money.

Ready For the Treatment You Deserve? Contact ChinUp Aesthetics

We hope this article helped you answer the question, Can I get dermal filler and Botox together? As you can see, it’s perfectly safe as long as you go with an experienced injection specialist.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes be easier said than done. But, if you live in the Georgia area, you’re in luck. ChinUp Aesthetics has plenty of experience with both dermal fillers and Botox.

However, before we get started, it’s important to first meet with us so we can discuss your overall beauty goals. So, make sure to schedule a free consultation today to get started!

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