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Botox Services in Marietta, GA

Hey there! Looking for a fresh, confident look? At Chin Up! Aesthetics, we've got just the thing for you – Botox services in Marietta, GA that are easy, safe, and make you feel great!

At Chin Up! Aesthetics is all about making you feel welcome and helping you look your best. Let's dive into how Botox can be a game-changer for you and what makes us stand out.

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What Is Botox, Anyway?

Botox is a special treatment that helps smooth out lines and wrinkles on your face. It's like a tiny magic trick for your skin, making those little frown lines or crow's feet disappear, giving you a more relaxed and youthful look. And don't worry, it's super safe when done by professionals like us.

Officially known as Botulinum toxin, it's a special treatment used by aestheticians to help relax and smooth out wrinkles on the face. Imagine your skin as a smooth canvas, and Botox helps keep it that way by gently relaxing the muscles beneath it.

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How Does Botox Work?

Think of your muscles as eager performers always ready to move, which is great, except when they create wrinkles on your face. Botox works by gently telling these eager performers to take a little break. It's injected into specific muscles with a tiny needle, and it sends a message to the muscles saying, "Relax for a bit." This relaxation smooths out wrinkles and gives your skin a fresher, more youthful look. Don't worry, though; you'll still look like you, just with fewer visible lines.

Our Botox Injection Treatments

At Chin Up! Aesthetics, we're thrilled to offer Botox treatments tailored to help you look refreshed and vibrant. Our focus? Those expressive areas of your face like the "11's", forehead lines, and crow's feet. Let's explore how we can smooth out these common concerns quickly and affordably.

Frown Lines (11's)

The Issue: Often when we concentrate or frown, we get those noticeable lines between our eyebrows, famously dubbed the "11's". They can make us appear more worried or stern than we are.

Our Solution: A quick, 10-15 minute Botox session can help prevent and treat these lines, smoothing out your skin and offering a more serene and approachable appearance.

Cost: $10.50-$12.50 per unit
Typical Units Needed: 12 - 20, though it varies by patient

Crow's Feet

The Issue: Those tiny lines that fan out from the corners of your eyes can be charming but also betray signs of aging, especially when they become deeply etched from years of joyful smiles and squints.

Our Solution: Target these fine lines with a brief 10-15 minute Botox treatment. We'll soften their appearance, keeping the twinkle in your eyes while reducing the prominence of these lines.

Cost: $10.50-$12.50 per unit
Typical Units Needed: 20 - 24, varies by patient

Forehead Lines

The Issue: Your forehead is like a billboard for your emotions, and over time, constant expression can lead to deep lines. These lines might make you seem older or more tired.

Our Solution: In just 10-15 minutes, we can administer Botox to prevent wrinkles and keep your forehead looking smooth and youthful. For a harmonious look, we often recommend treating both the forehead and the frown lines together.

Cost: $10.50-$12.50 per unit
Typical Units Needed: 12 - 20, depending on the individual

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What to Expect: Before, During, and After Your Botox Treatment

Embarking on your Botox journey can be exciting! Whether you're aiming to smooth out those frown lines, say goodbye to forehead wrinkles, or soften crow's feet, knowing what to expect every step of the way makes the process even smoother. Here's your go-to guide for before, during, and after your Botox treatment.

Before the Treatment: Preparing for Your Botox Appointment

Getting Ready:

  • Research: It's always a good idea to do a bit of homework. Understanding the basics of Botox can help you feel more prepared.
  • Consultation: If this is your first time, consider scheduling a free consultation. This is a great opportunity to discuss your goals and any concerns.
  • Health History: Be ready to share your health history with your provider. Some conditions or medications could affect how you respond to Botox.
  • Skin Prep: Keep your skin clean and free of any makeup, lotions, or potions on the day of your appointment.

During the Treatment: What Happens During the Treatment

Comfort and Speed:

  • Welcome: When you arrive, you'll be welcomed into a comfortable, clean setting designed to put you at ease.
  • Mapping: Your provider will examine your facial movements and mark the specific areas to be treated. This is your time to discuss any last-minute questions.
  • The Process: The actual injection process is quick, usually taking only 10-15 minutes. Many describe the sensation as a tiny pinch or poke - nothing too uncomfortable.
  • Relaxation: Even though it's a brief procedure, your comfort is paramount. The environment will be calming, and your provider will ensure you're relaxed throughout.
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After the Treatment: Post-treatment Care and What Results to Expect

Taking Care:

  • Immediate Aftercare: Right after your treatment, it's best to avoid rubbing the treated areas or lying down for a few hours. This helps the Botox stay put in the targeted spots.
  • Activity: Light activities are fine, but it's advisable to skip the gym or any strenuous exercise for the rest of the day.
  • Seeing Results: While some notice changes as soon as 24-48 hours, the full effect of your Botox treatment typically unfolds over the next 7-14 days.


Results to Expect:

  • A Smoother Appearance: You'll see those targeted wrinkles becoming noticeably smoother, giving your face a more refreshed and youthful look.
  • Natural Expressions: A common misconception is that Botox will leave you looking 'frozen.' When done correctly, you'll still be able to make facial expressions, just with less wrinkling in the treated areas.
  • Duration: The effects of Botox last about 3-4 months for most people. As the Botox begins to wear off, you'll notice a gradual return of muscle movement in the treated areas.

Embracing a more youthful appearance with Botox can be a fulfilling journey. Knowing what to expect before, during, and after your treatment helps ensure a smooth, comfortable experience, leaving you feeling confident and rejuvenated.

Over 200 5 Star Reviews Our Clients Love us. We think you will too!

  • Everyone was SO friendly and professional!

    The nurse practitioner was extremely thorough in explaining everything and took her time and did a phenomenal job on my lip filler and Botox! I will definitely be coming back and would recommend it to all my friends!

    Molly Rogers
    Google Review
  • Absolutely wonderful experience

    The ladies at Chin Up! Aesthetics are absolutely amazing! I’ve never gotten Botox or anything to enhance my beauty and had so many questions! They took the time to explain and show me everything. They have great customer service. The prices are great too! I will continue to come to them and highly recommend you do as well ☺️

    Gabrielle Facio
    Google Review
  • absolutely love the Chin Up crew!!

    They are so amazing and welcoming every time I go in there! They set me up on a personal plan to fit my beauty needs. First they addressed any wrinkle issues (which I’m obsessed with & they do such a great job), then I had lip filler to help plump up my pout, and next, we will work on my skincare!! Thank you ladies for making me feel young and beautiful!!!

    Morgan Shattuck
    Google Review
  • Chin Up is very attentive to detail and thorough!

    I had an amazing and nearly painless experience receiving lip fillers. I watched gossip girls on their tv during my procedure (: She is so knowledgeable of her craft and I couldn’t be happier with my visit!

    Kendall Hackett
    Google Review
  • My first time getting lip fillers!


    Gaby Reyes
    Google Review
  • LOVE these women!

    My injector, Afsha here at Chin Up is the best! I got two Kybella treatments and she walked me through the entire process and even told me of additional services to really accentuate my jawline. Do an amazing job and constantly have deals going on, so it is worth it. Two thumbs up for Chin Up!!

    Rachel High
    Google Review
  • I had my visit for Kybella & Lip fillers

    Afsha & staff were so so sweet, they’re knowledgeable about what they do & will answer all your questions. This was my first time & I felt super comfortable & welcomed, there’s no other place I would have rather gone to than Chin Up! Aesthetics!

    Dayana Camacho
    Google Review
  • Nurse Practitioners here are the most highly skilled injectors in Atlanta!

    She gave me the most perfect and natural look and I am so pleased. She is honest with you about what you need and she will never try to up-sell or talk you into something you aren’t ready for. I discovered her on Instagram where you can see all of her before and after photos! They are also very easy to get ahold of. I highly recommend Chin Up!!

    Carrie Stefani
    Google Review
  • I drove 12 hrs round trip to Chin Up!

    today for Botox and Sculptra injection because the prices are half of what I typically pay where I live and their reviews were AMAZING! Excellent customer service from the very beginning even when booking my appointment! I am very pleased with everything, the prices were great, the setting was great and the staff made me feel like I was visiting with old friends !!! I can’t wait for my next appointment !!

    Crystal Cooper
    Google Review
  • I love going to Chin Up!

    I would most certainly recommend it. I’ve gotten both Botox and Microneedling services done here and I am very happy with my results. The staff is great and they offer a wide variety of services. 😊

    Kathryn Bain
    Google Review

    Why Choose Chin Up! Aesthetics for Botox?

    01 Friendly Experts

    Our team at Chin Up! Aesthetics loves what we do, and we're good at it, too! We're friendly folks who want to ensure you feel comfortable and happy with your treatment. We'll chat with you, answer your questions, and make sure everything is just right for you.

    02 Comfy & Welcoming Space

    Our place is different from those cold, clinical offices. We've made our space cozy and welcoming, so you feel relaxed from the moment you walk in. It's like visiting a friend who just happens to be good at Botox!

    03 Tailored to You

    Everyone's skin is different, and everyone has the unique look they're going for. That's why we take the time to listen to you and tailor your Botox treatment in Marietta, GA just for you. We're here to help you look like the best version of yourself.

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    Don't let those lines keep you from feeling your best. Contact Chin Up! Aesthetics today to schedule your Botox appointment or consultation. We're excited to help you achieve the refreshed, vibrant look you deserve. Let's smooth out those worries together – your journey to a more confident you start here.

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